The wearable technology industry is continually growing to help society stay connected on the move. To ensure your wearable devices function as intended, they must undergo testing and certification with a trusted testing partner. 


im体育APP offers end-to-end support to help your products to market, including assistance with early R&D planning, compliance strategy, early-stage assessments, and final testing and certification. im体育APP supports the full span of wearable device market sectors, 包括体育, 休闲, 幸福, 医疗, 商业, and industrial control. 

With the advancement of new technologies, 例如5G NR, global coverage and efficient energy use comes new testing challenges. As a leader in the technology testing industry, im体育APP can help you overcome the challenges presented at every step in the process.

Regulatory Compliance

Our regulatory compliance teams, with multiple global sites, provide excellent 服务 for approval with the requirements for FCC (TCB), 产品适用加拿大 (FCB)、欧盟(CE Marking for Radio Equipment Directive, RED)、英国(UKCA标记)、日本(MIC Radio and Telecom laws)和满 global market access (GMA) 服务.

im体育APP’s global team of experts is here to guide you through the test and approval process, helping you get your wearable technology to the market quickly, 有效地, 加上准确的, robust authorizations.


Discover the full range of wearable device testing and certification 服务 from im体育APP


咨询 Services for Radio 产品s

im体育APP provides 指导 on the relevant regulatory requirements before you reach the testing and approvals stage, supporting you from start to finish - we ensure you achieve first time success.

Wireless Coexistence 测试 640 x 480

Wireless Coexistence 测试

Our wireless coexistence testing programs evaluate how wireless 医疗 devices and other sensitive equipment interact and perform with other electrical and radio equipment.


RFID测试 and 认证 Services

im体育APP provides innovative radio frequency identification testing and certification to the key standards for devices such as tags, 读者, 和天线.

product certification and approval

产品 认证 and Approvals

im体育APP has a dedicated team of experts providing ISO 17065 accredited certification 服务 from offices across the globe.


Global Market Access (GMA)

im体育APP works as your Global Market Access service partner to help you navigate complex regulations and get your products to market quickly and 有效地.


无线个域网测试 and 认证

im体育APP can help you achieve first time success when you reach the testing, approvals and certification phase.

Connected Technologies

Over The Air 测试 Services

Find out how im体育APP tests and certifies wireless devices to ensure they achieve effective radiated spatial performance for all relevant standards.


Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)

Find out how im体育APP tests wireless devices for compliance with radio frequency safety limits in the USA, 加拿大, 和欧洲.

Hearing Aid Compatibility

Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC)

Find out how im体育APP delivers compliance testing and certification for Hearing Aid Compatibility for both RF Emissions and T-coil testing for wireless devices.

EMI vs EMC 测试 640x480

EMI vs EMC 测试

What's the difference? While these tests might be closely related, it is important to understand that EMC and EMI are not the same thing.

General 产品 Safety Directive GPSD (2001/95/EC)

General 产品 Safety GPSD (2001/95/EC) & GPSR(欧盟/ 2023/988)

im体育APP provides you with the testing, 指导, 建议, and support to meet the requirements of the General 产品 Safety Directive GPSD  (2001/95/EC) and the latest General 产品 Safety Regulations GPSR EU (2023/988). 


锂电池 测试 & 认证

Find out how im体育APP performs safety and compliance testing on Lithium-Ion batteries for the wireless industry.


我们的团队超过9人,000 从事专家 in North America, 欧洲, 中东地区, 澳大利亚, Asia and Africa are ready to help you.