Access a constantly evolving market quickly with Element’s Wireless Chipset Testing and Certification services. 我们的专家提供独立的第三方评估, collaborating closely with chipset manufacturers to simplify complex requirements, 快速检测芯片组中的任何问题-并使您更快地进入市场! We help you avoid compatibility and interoperability issues and ensure compliance, 从R开始一直支持你&D到我们最先进的测试站点和一致性实验室的认证.  



Wireless Chipsets are found in many devices, ranging from smartphones and radio equipment to IoT devices. Testing these chipsets involves rigorous evaluation of their integrated circuits (ICs) to ensure that they perform as expected, reliably, 并符合im体育平台app下载标准. Chipsets are tested in different real-world scenarios to check how they will perform in various environments and situations – factors like signal strength, data transfer, 与特定网络的兼容性可能会被评估. 

Chipset testing is so important because the proper functionality of wireless equipment, 比如无线电设备, 从芯片组的完整性开始. 用于认证和贸易进入 global market, many final product assessments require correct operation at the chipset level. 因此在R处是至关重要的&D stage to be sure your chipset is performing at its best and fully compliant with all relevant standards before you begin incorporating it into the final design of wireless equipment or radio modules.



  • 遵从性保证: Ensure that your chipsets are compliant before integration with our expert guidance, simplifying regulatory complexity whilst minimizing risks and costs associated with production stage issues.
  • 主动问题检测n: Detect and resolve potential chipset issues – including interoperability and compatibility issues - early on. Element can help you safeguard your products from expensive post-silicon discoveries.
  • 快速、方便、具有成本效益的测试: 您可以快速地完成测试过程, with our streamlined testing process that delivers quick turnaround times – ensuring you can get to market as fast as it evolves, whilst keeping costs low with a single provider for all end-to-end testing and certification requirements. 
  • 让你了解最新情况: 随着im体育平台app下载标准的不断发展, 市场发展, 还有新技术, Element只使用最先进的测试方法和专业知识. 
  • 综合功能评估: Simulate real-world scenarios with our in-depth assessments of your wireless chipsets, 涵盖所有最终用途基地, 确保功能性.



The evolution of 5G technology has significantly increased the need for 芯片测试 due to the complex requirements and performance demands of 5G networks. 5G承诺更快的速度, lower latency, 更高的可靠性, 芯片测试 becomes crucial to ensure that your chipsets powering these networks meet stringent performance standards and interoperability requirements. 以跟上5G时代对芯片组测试日益增长的需求, 我们优先考虑尖端的测试方法和专业知识. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and continuously refining our knowledge, we can effectively address your evolving challenges of 5G 芯片测试 and provide you with reliable and efficient testing solutions.

Michael Derby

Michael Derby




Chipset testing is your essential first step in preparing for radio compliance testing. We guarantee your chipsets align with standards before integrating them into your radio products, 检测影响遵从性的问题或缺陷. This process streamlines the compliance testing process and bolsters your chances of regulatory approval. Our experts can assist you in anticipating and resolving compliance challenges, paving the way for successful radio compliance testing and swift regulatory approval for your products.



  • 发射机输出性能评估
  • 发射机授时评估
  • 信号特性分析
  • 接收机性能测试
  • 接收机灵敏度评估
  • 半导体测试



Our comprehensive independent third-party wireless 芯片测试 and certification services enable us to accelerate your product's global market entry. 与芯片组制造商密切合作,我们的R&D test sites, and conformance labs ensure baseline compliance at the chipset level before integration into final radio equipment or modules, 最小化开发时间和降低风险. 

能够提供芯片组测试和认证, we equip you to confidently and efficiently navigate offend to end product development within the wireless technology industry – we also offer a diverse range of other 连接技术, 无线和无线电测试 我们全球网络的评估相互补充; 今天就im体育APP的团队 了解更多或讨论您的要求.


半导体测试对于确保功能至关重要, performance, 芯片组的兼容性. 半导体测试 is the process of evaluating and verifying the functionality, performance, and reliability of semiconductor devices to ensure they meet quality standards and specifications. Element’s experts can conduct tests to various Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) environmental standards, such as SEMI PV23-1011 for PV module vibration and SEMI D60-0710 for FPD polarizing film scratch resistance, 协助产品评估和合规.


通过我们在RED和 FCC认证 实现智能物联网设备的CE和FCC认证.


5G新无线电- 5G无线接入技术

5G允许服务提供商定制无线连接, 这是一个对物联网如何运作很重要的功能. 5G is equally adept at handling both machine-to-machine (M2M) and person-to-person communication.

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Read our guide to learn how to prepare for radio compliance testing to get your products to market quickly.

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