im体育APP has over 50 years experience in working with a wide range of 国防 产品 and 系统 manufacturers from the initial concept of their products and on to the complex testing that is required of modern defense equipment. 像这样, im体育APP is the natural choice for any 国防 company looking to develop and take their new products and systems to market.

Our 50 years of experience enable im体育APP to help 国防 companies to be exposed to a much smoother journey when testing and qualifying their products for market - from the initial test plan development, 测试准备, 实际的测试, 见证并继续完成测试报告的最后阶段.

Our recently launched Early Stage Qualification (or ESQ®) service has been developed by im体育APPs team of 从事专家 and is based on the considerable experience that they have gained over the last 50 years from testing thousands of different products from across a diverse range of industry sectors.

We are both A2LA and UKAS accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and have one the of largest capacities of 国防 related EMC and 环境 testing in the world with seven testing centers in the USA and UK. 

Each year im体育APP tests over 500 国防 related products from our laboratories in the UK and USA. Over the past decade we have successfully written test plans and performed testing for most of the major programs in the USA including the F-22, JSF, A400M, CH-53K和挑战者主战坦克, 英国的獒犬和哈士奇军用车辆.


Across our seven sites we have 15 Military EMC chambers that range in size from traditional dimensions for smaller systems or programmes up to our enormous military vehicle EMC test chamber. 这最初是为英国国防部测试挑战者主战坦克而建造的, and has recently been used for the newest generation of British army vehicles including the Mastiff and Husky. 

Our experts design and deliver pre-compliance testing and formal 国防 EMC testing programmes for over 500 military products every year. These cover a wide range of immunity and emissions that your product will need to endure when placed into demanding military environments.Our defense EMC testing and qualification services are designed to provide standard defense validation as well as help companies perform Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) testing in a short time period, 最常见的是违反以下标准:

  • Def Stan 59-411
  • 防斯坦61-5
  • 461年为基础
  • 1275年为基础
We also work with customers to develop testing packages that cover both defence and commercial requirements with a single test programme: These include:
  • CE标志 
  • E标记
  • RADHAZ测试 
  • 海军验收试验
  • EMC互操作性测试 
  • 北约AMSG
  • 免疫完整性测试
im体育APP has a significant capacity for 国防 related environmental testing within our network of laboratories to support 国防 manufacturers in validating their products for use in harsh environments. 

Our environmental test centers of excellence located in the UK and USA allow our clients to test their products to the following most commonly used 国防 standards:

  • Def Stan 00-35 
  • 810年为基础

So that you can ensure your products can withstand and perform against the extreme environmental demands placed on modern military equipment, 我们还提供:

  • 包括温度下的振动和冲击测试
  • 温度、高度和湿度测试
  • 沙尘测试
  • 盐腐蚀试验
  • 入侵防护测试
  • 停止测试
  • 液体污染测试
  • 太阳能加热测试

These coupled with our expertise in 有限元分析(FEA) make im体育APP the natural partner for Military and 国防 contractors to complete their environmental qualification of their products

im体育APP works with 国防 manufacturers to produce and design equipment that can operate in fuel-air explosive atmospheres commonly found with aircraft, 车辆及船用燃料. 

最常见的, we apply 810年为基础F to demonstrate the ability of the equipment to operate in these environments without causing explosion or combustion.

我们提供先进的 有限元分析(FEA) 在早期阶段补充您的产品设计和开发, 或者由于成本或尺寸原因无法对产品进行物理测试. 

Our highly skilled engineers are not only able to predict how the physical environment or event is likely to affect a product, but can also advise on how to optimise its mechanical performance prior to testing and qualification.

Military equipment may be required to meet either CE标志 (electrical equipment) or E标记 (whole vehicles and individual components) in addition to contracted defense standards. 

We are experts in helping defense companies recognize how and when this extra certification applies and we can help build it into your testing program, whether your product is new or returning to core following deployment under an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR).


  • ADS-37A-PRF
  • Def Stan 00-35
  • Def Stan - 59-411
  • 防斯坦61-5 
  • mil - std - 167 
  • mil - std - 202 
  • 461年为基础 
  • 462年为基础 
  • mil - std - 464 
  • mil - std - 704  
  • mil - std - 810  
  • mil - std - 1275  
  • mil -脉冲重复频率- 28800

我们的团队超过9人,在北美聘用了000名专家, 欧洲, 中东地区, 澳大利亚, 亚洲和非洲随时准备帮助你们.